IHB Textiles

IHB Textiles is a company that was founded by 2 young entrepreneurs with three decades of experience in the textile sector. 
The company is based in Braga, the heart of textile industry in the north of Portugal, only 45 minutes from the nearest airport (Francisco Sá Carneiro), which has direct flights to all major European cities.
We work in high fashion and we are prepared to produce from the basic to the most complex product. We are focused on new developments in technical textiles, flexibility and highest quality. 

Our clients are fashion brands from Italy, Germany, England, Sweden, Spain, USA, among others. They all have the same demands, partners that can help with developments, new fabrics, dyes, washings, print techniques, techniques of embroidery, etc.- everyone wants this service to be efficient and fast.
Our goal is to help our customers, as we are aware that they only want as suppliers these who present solutions instead of creating problems or making up excuses.

About Us

We are dynamic, we are young, and seek to work with the best.
Our keen sense of business and our comprehensive know-how allow us to offer a wide range of products to a global audience, within our target markets: Fashion, Sport and High-technology.
We work with passion, we are not afraid to present our suggestions.
We seek solutions and pledge to the fact that our business and the business of our clients, depend on everyone of us doing our best, not today, nor tomorrow, but every single day.


We do not exhibit at fairs, yet, being a fashion supplier and aspiring to be one of the best of our field, the constant update is a very important matter for our team, which means that we are continuously focused on new trends and technological developments. For this reason, our clients can benefit from our knowledge and inovative ideas.


We attend different fairs, and produce the fabrics afterwards in order to achieve prices that appeal our customers.


We work with a Company that has high-quality service in the areas of dyeing and finishing of knits and woven.


We work with a Company that has a development department that produces all models sent by the clients.


We work with a Company that has the top of the line equipment for cutting, and their professionals are highly experienced.


We have a partnership with a company in which they only make high quality products like collections, samples and productions, everything produced with a very strict quality control.

Quality Control

This is the department that our company is more proud of. We are always concerned about customer needs. We aim every minute to go beyond our customer’s expectations.


IHB Textiles



Rua Prof. Doutor Carlos Loyd Braga, Nrº 16, R/C - Direito

4715-319 Braga

  • Mobile: +351 964 019 164
  • Fax: + 351 253 095 565
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